Monday, February 13, 2006


Vegeterian Cooking Class -March 3rd

Vegeterian Cooking Class
March 4th, 2006 11am to 1pm
Central Hollywood Location
Cost $35 per person

I am a Private Chef that has worked in LA for over the last 7 years, after moving from NYC. My food is best described as Health Supportive Cruisine. A bit Vegeterian, a bit Vegan, catered to individuals needs, and always yummy. I have worked in some of the Biggest Celebrities homes, from Malibu to Santa Monica to Brentwood, come and see how the Stars eat!

Each class will include hands on cooking and preparation instructions, educational materials, as well 2 hours of healthy fun that will get you on the path to eating healthier and wiser.

Some of the Dishes we will make will includes easy to make Veggie Soups, various salads and healthy delicious dinners, that even a person with little time and cooking skill can make in jiffy and not give up flavor and nutrition.

Some send me a email if interested and I will send you more info on the event, including the location, directions, etc.

Class Payment-Check, Cash, or Money Order Accepted! Sorry No Credit Cards!

* this is in or around Hollywood, CA

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